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Psychology of Entrepreneurship

May 15, 2020

You’re not good enough. Give up. Give in. You’ll never succeed. 

There’s a lot of power behind the stories we tell ourselves, and they can undoubtedly shape the outcomes in our lives, for better or for worse. 

Welcome to The Psychology of Entrepreneurship, a weekly series that follows Ronsley Vaz and his guests, as they strive to unravel the inner workings of the entrepreneurial mind to understand the reasoning behind our decisions. 

You can hear from New York Times bestselling authors, founders of multimillion-dollar companies, Olympic athletes, clinical psychologists, professors, high profile musicians, performing artists and even jet fighter pilots.

Each candid and revealing conversation offers a glimpse into a new and refreshing perspective behind the conversations we should be having around entrepreneurship. Guests lift the lid on what success really means. And why even the most successful among us experience Imposter Syndrome. We explore how top performers contend with failure and burnout, and how our negative thoughts like to stifle our performance.

If you are an entrepreneur, artist, athlete or creative, life can be tough. While entrepreneurship is often glamorised, and shown as exciting, fast-paced and rewarding, the hard truth is there’s also a hidden dark side.

But remember, you are not alone. 

If you are someone who is holding back, feeling unworthy of your success, feeling alone in your journey or questioning your performance as a professional, this podcast is for you. 

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